Great with copiers. Even better with people.

Rapid Response Time

We average less than two hours response time from the time you place the call to the time a technician arrives.

Talk to a Person

Anytime you call G5 during business hours, you will speak directly to one of our team members.

Accurate Invoicing

We triple check each of your invoices to ensure accuracy.

Customer Portal

24/7 access to place service calls, order supplies, and submit meter readings.

Our goal is for you to be a lifetime customer by making your life easier.

  • G5 is a great company to lease or buy your equipment from. Their sales team, office support, and connections employees are great to work with. If you have a problem with any equipment, they come within ninty minutes or at least the next morning, but they always call. If you need cartridges for your copier/printers, just give them a call and toner is there in a few days. Their sales team cares about their customer's needs.

    BHI Power Services
  • Since purchasing our copiers from G5, we have had remarkable service from their Sales and Service teams. If I have an error come up on my copier, I make one phone call and someone is here within two hours. G5 checks on our equipment and my needs on a regular basis. I have so much going on, I really like them calling just to say, 'Do you need anything?' and 'How are the copiers doing?' When the need arises, I will certainly use G5 again. In a nutshell, G5 is everything they claim to be and more.

    Airite, Inc.
  • G5 has been great to work with. Very reliable and quick to respond when needed, which has been very few times. Our representative has been very reliable to check on us and make sure we are getting the best care. I would surely recommend G5 to anyone who asks.

    Aldersgate United Methodist
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