Problem: I accidentally sent or pressed start on a print/copy job.

We have all been there. As soon as you hit the “print” button, you notice a typo that was absolutely not there 7 seconds ago. Here is an easy solution to address the issue.

Possible Solution: You can cancel the job by following these quick steps:

    • At the copier, press the Job Status key.
    • Depending on the type of job you need to cancel, press the Print Job, Scan To or Fax Job key at the top of the Job Status screen.
    • Before you go any farther, ensure that the Job Status key on the right side is on Job Queue.
    • Touch the key of the job to be deleted.
    • Press Stop/Delete located at the bottom right or upper right of the screen.
    • When the confirmation message appears, touch Yes.

At this point the machine may produce a few more sheets, but rest assured the job is cancelled. With this tip, you can save the paper, money, and time that would have been wasted, not to mention the frustration of having to wait and reprint.

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