• Fan the paper. Whether you’re putting a new ream of paper into the trays or inserting a stack of pages into the document feeder or bypass, fanning the pages helps to separate them to make it easier for the MFP to pick up individual sheets rather than pulling multiple sheets and causing misfeeds.
  • Adjust the paper guides. The paper guides in the trays  and on the document feeder should be snug against the paper in the tray.  This helps to prevent the paper from being pulled at an angle. It also helps to ensure that the MFP is reading the correct paper size in smart trays (trays that can detect the size of the paper that is in them).
  • Be sure not to overfill. Paper trays have a maximum capacity. Whether it is the paper drawers, the document feeder or the bypass, they will have a “fill line” on the paper guides that will let you know how much is too much. Overfilling paper trays can lead to difficult-to-remove misfeeds, leaving paper shreds in your MFP, which can cause trouble even days after the initial misfeed.

Of course we can’t guarantee that you will never have misfeeds even if you follow these steps, but as the old saying goes: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  We want to make sure that your systems are operating at optimum efficiency!

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