Toner pirates are scam artists who lie or mislead unsuspecting office staff into accepting replacement toner for corporate copy machines, or who send replacement toner unsolicited, and then bill the company at exorbitant rates. They will often have information about your copier, or gather this information through tactics such as offering to send you updated manuals if you give them the model number. A toner pirate will try to make you believe they are G5 employees. The scammers may offer discount toner, or claim that the price is going to increase so they encourage you to stock up now. But they actually charge you up to 10 times the normal price! They will also target people in your business who don’t order supplies or who aren’t familiar with the office equipment.

The latest tricks being used are either to offer a “free” owner’s manual for your machine model, or to pose as a G5 employee and state that the machine has requested a shipment of toner.

What to do: If you do receive a phone call and believe it to be a scam, please hang up and call G5. A G5 employee will be able to verify client information when presented with a machine ID number. Click here for more information.

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