Your system is programmed to prompt you for help when it needs something more than what has been provided. Sometimes these messages need a little clarification. One message G5 can help with is “Load Paper.” If you have sent a print job to your machine only to receive the “Load Paper” message when all of the paper trays are full, please read on.

When printing to special paper (i.e. letterhead, heavy paper, or an odd paper size), you may receive an error message on your copier saying to “Load Paper.” This is the result of the settings in your print driver not matching the paper tray settings on the copier. If you get this message, you need to check the settings on the copier and on your print driver to make sure they match. Here’s how:

First, on the copier:

  • Select Custom Settings or System Settings.
  • Choose Paper Tray Settings.
  • Choose Tray Settings.
  • Select the paper tray and set it to the correct paper type or size (i.e. heavy paper or 11×17).

Next, on your computer:

  • Open the document and open the print screen.
  • Click on Printer Properties.
  • Select the Paper tab.
  • Verify the paper size and the paper type are set to match the copier settings.

Voila! The copier should now print your job.

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