As a customer, you can sign up for access to our Customer Portal to place service calls and supply orders online. You will also be able to submit meter readings and see all your current equipment. We are dedicated to providing an easy and quick way for our customers to interact with us while still receiving the G5 customer service you trust.

If you already have an account, please click the Log In button below to access the Customer Portal page.

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Customer Portal FAQs

How do I sign up for the Customer Portal?

Send an email to G5-Operations@xerox.com. You will receive an email from the G5 team once your account has been activated and is ready for use.

How do I change my Customer Portal password?

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal with your email address and “password” as the password, select Options from the top menu, then select Change Password. The next screen has the option to change your password to one that is unique to you. Although it will pre-populate, for verification purposes you will need to delete and re-enter your current password. Enter and confirm your new password and click Save.

How do I view previous Service Calls and/or Supply Orders on the Customer Portal?

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal at customers.gfive.net, look for the Sales Order tile and click the number next to All Orders. The next page will show all of your past Sales Orders. You may also view your most recent orders by clicking the number next to Orders (last 30 days).

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal at customers.gfive.net, look for the Service Call tile and you will be able to see all Pending, Scheduled, and Dispatched calls. Click the numbers next to each item to view the details.

How do I enter Meters on the Customer Portal?

If meters are due, they will show up in in the Meters box on your Customer Portal Homescreen beside Meters due. Click the number next to Meters due.

When meter readings are required, the status column will show Now Due for that particular machine. As you begin to enter the reading in the New Meter Reading field, a window will automatically appear. Continue entering the reading, the Total will appear red until the entire new reading is entered. Click OK to submit the reading.

If the new reading corresponds to the previous reading, you will receive an OK message that will allow you to submit. If you receive an error message after entering the new reading, double check the meter on the machine.

Do you have a Customer Portal User Guide?

The user guide is an additional tool we have created for easy use of the Customer Portal. If you are interested in this PDF guide, please email G5-Portal@xerox.com.

Can I create a Group Login to the Customer Portal?

Permissions are set on the individual level, so for your own protection we do not offer group logins. If you need help managing users or have any questions concerning your user account, please contact us at G5-Portal@xerox.com. We will be glad to assist you.

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