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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan is put in place to cover your service calls and supply orders while you have your copier.

There are several numbers on the front of my machine, what do they mean?

Your Machine ID is assigned by G5 and appears on the front of your copier in red digits. This number is used when you place service calls and supply orders. It is either a single letter followed by four numbers, i.e. A1234 or four numbers followed by a single letter, i.e. 1234A. However, certain equipment will have a machine ID that does not follow that standard.

The model number is the number assigned by the manufacturer to identify different products. You can find this on the front of your machine near the manufacturer’s logo or on your invoice.

My copier shows a maintenance code. Can I still use my machine?

Yes. You can attempt to clear this code by pressing CA or by turning your machine off and on. There are certain codes that refer to routine maintenance which should be performed on your machine. Call G5 if you are unable to clear the code or use your machine.

What method of payment can be used to pay my invoice?

We accept cash, checks (made out to G-Five, Inc.), Visa or MasterCard payments (credit card payments can be made over the phone). We also accept ACH.

How do I sign up for the Customer Portal?

You can sign up for the Portal by using the form on this page:


By sending an email to You will receive an email from the G5 team once your account has been activated and is ready for use.

How do I change my Customer Portal password?

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal with your email address and “password” as the password, select Options from the top menu, then select Change Password. The next screen has the option to change your password to one that is unique to you. Although it will pre-populate, for verification purposes you will need to delete and re-enter your current password. Enter and confirm your new password and click Save.

How do I view previous Service Calls and/or Supply Orders on the Customer Portal?

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal at, look for the Sales Order tile and click the number next to All Orders. The next page will show all of your past Sales Orders. You may also view your most recent orders by clicking the number next to Orders (last 30 days).

Once you have logged into the Customer Portal at, look for the Service Call tile and you will be able to see all Pending, Scheduled, and Dispatched calls. Click the numbers next to each item to view the details.

How do I enter Meters on the Customer Portal?

If meters are due, they will show up in in the Meters box on your Customer Portal home screen beside Meters due. Click the number next to Meters due.

When meter readings are required, the status column will show Now Due for that particular machine. As you begin to enter the reading in the New Meter Reading field, a window will automatically appear. Continue entering the reading, the Total will appear red until the entire new reading is entered. Click OK to submit the reading.

If the new reading corresponds to the previous reading, you will receive an OK message that will allow you to submit. If you receive an error message after entering the new reading, double check the meter on the machine.

Do you have a Customer Portal User Guide?

The user guide is an additional tool we have created for easy use of the Customer Portal. If you are interested in this PDF guide, please email

Can I create a Group Login to the Customer Portal?

Permissions are set on the individual level, so for your own protection we do not offer group logins. If you need help managing users or have any questions concerning your user account, please contact us at We will be glad to assist you.

My copier won’t turn on, what should I do?

Check the following:

  • The power cord is securely plugged into the power filter.
  • The power filter (also know as a p-surge) is securely plugged into the wall outlet.
  • The main power button on the machine is in the “on” position.
  • The sleep button is not blinking. If it is, click that button and machine should wake up.

If you find you are still unable to turn on your machine, call G5 for additional help.

How do I submit a meter?

There are several ways to submit a meter:

  1. Submit through the Customer Portal
  2. Email to
  3. Call our office at 864.675.5755 or 980.333.0155
  4. Fax to 864.675.6555 or 980.879.2624
What is a waste container, and how do I replace it?

Not all toner is used during the copy process. The excess goes into a waste container that needs to be emptied every so often. Instructions are located on the box to replace the container.

How do I check my toner level?

If your machine has a copy function key, hold it down and it will tell you your usage amount.

If your machine has a home button to the right of the touchscreen, double click that button.

What paper types can pass through the bypass tray?

There are specific paper varieties that should be used with your equipment. Make sure to purchase special color or thickness paper with one of these descriptions:

  • Cardstock (up to 80 lbs)
  • Laser Labels
  • Banner paper
  • Regular copy paper
  • My machine needs to be moved, can G5 help us move it?

    Whether you are moving across town, to a different suite in your building, or just want to put the copier in a different office, we would be happy to assist you. Your machine is not in serious jeopardy if you move it on your own, however damages caused to your machine without our assistance are not paid for by G5. We offer moving services that covers this risk.  Please call G5 to inquire or make an appointment.

    What is your policy on data security for returned equipment?

    We clear the data history on all machines when we pick them up.

    What is a toner pirate?

    Toner pirates are scam artists who lie or mislead unsuspecting office staff into accepting replacement toner for corporate copy machines, or who send replacement toner unsolicited, and then bill the company at exorbitant rates. They will often have information about your copier, or gather this information through tactics such as offering to send you updated manuals if you give them the model number. A toner pirate will try to make you believe they are G5 employees. The scammers may offer discount toner, or claim that the price is going to increase so they encourage you to stock up now. But they actually charge you up to 10 times the normal price! They will also target people in your business who don’t order supplies or who aren’t familiar with the office equipment.

    The latest tricks being used are either to offer a “free” owner’s manual for your machine model, or to pose as a G5 employee and state that the machine has requested a shipment of toner.

    What to do: If you do receive a phone call and believe it to be a scam, please hang up and call G5. A G5 employee will be able to verify client information when presented with a machine ID number. Click here for more information.

    My company moved, how do I update my new address?

    Let your Sales Representative know when you plan to move. We can help safely move your equipment to your new location. If you have already moved, there are a few options:

    1. You may call our office to update your address when you move.
    2. You can note the address correction at the bottom of your payment.
    3. You can let our Customer Service team know when you call in a supply order.


    I’m scanning to my email, but it’s not showing up, and I’m not getting an error message. What should I do?

    When scanning to an email destination, the file size of your document is very important. If a scan job is too large, you may get an error at the copier, or your scan may just never come through to your email.

    You can lower your file size by changing the resolution, but the setting that makes the biggest difference is your Color Mode setting. Most copiers today are able to scan in 3 color modes: Full Color, Grayscale, and Mono2. Grayscale and Color produce larger files and higher quality scans. Mono2 will make a file much smaller and allow more pages to be scanned in one job.

    As an example, a machine in Full Color or Grayscale mode may only let a maximum of 5 pages go through; whereas the same machine may let 100 or more pages go through in Mono2 (depending on your machine and email server settings). Many copiers are also able to scan to USB where the size limits are less restrictive, non-existent, or limited only by the available space on your USB drive.

    What should I do? The copier is telling me to load paper, but the trays are full.

    Typically, if your copier is telling you to “Load Paper” it is because there is a job in the queue requiring a paper size or type that the machine does not currently have. You can go into the job queue by pressing Job Status, delete the job, and resend it with the correct paper size. Confirm the paper size and type from your computer under the Paper tab in your printing preferences.

    You can also choose Paper Select under Details from the Job Status and manually force it from the tray you would like it to print from. However, please note that forcing this could cause the document to print incorrectly since it was not formatted for the selected paper size and/or type.

    How do I add an email address to the copier?
    • Log into the web interface
    • Click on Address Book
    • Click Add
    • Confirm Address Type is set to E-mail
    • Type name of user in Address Name (Required)
    • Check the box for Register this Address to be added to the [Frequent Use] index.
    • Type the full email address in E-mail Address (Required)
    • Check the box for Set as Default Used if option is available
    • Click Submit to save.
    How do I add a new user number (copy code) to the copier?
    • Log into the web interface
    • Click on Administrator Login
    • Password is admin (all lower case)
    • Click on User Control
    • Click Add
    • Type user name in  User Name (Required) field
    • Type Account code User Number (Required)
    • Click Submit to save
    How do I print labels?

    First, consult your Operation Manual to make sure that your machine can run labels, and confirm from which tray they need to be run. (Generally, labels should be run from the bypass tray, but there are some exceptions.) Then, follow the instructions on how to set up your tray. Remember, if you are printing labels as opposed to copying labels, you will need to select the appropriate paper type in both your print driver and your copier. Make sure you are inserting your labels in the correct orientation (face up or face down). This will vary from machine to machine.

    Do you recycle toner or ink?

    There are three ways to recycle your toner, however we do not recycle ink. You can take ink to any big-box office store, and they will recycle it for you.

    Toner Recycling:

    1. Hold on to your empty toner cartridges for a G5 technician to take the next time we come out for service.
    2. Bring empty cartridges to one of the G5 office locations.
    3. Each manufacturer has a different program. Visit their websites to find out how to recycle their toner: XeroxSharpHPKyocera
    What brand(s) of supplies do you sell?

    We sell Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera, and HP supplies. We do not sell large format paper or ink for inkjet equipment.

    How will my toner be delivered to me?

    We ship all supplies via UPS, and they are also available for pick-up at our office.

    What is the difference between letter, legal, and ledger paper?

    These are terms used to refer to various paper sizes. Letter is 8.5 x 11 inches, Legal is 8.5 x 14 in, and Ledger is 11 x 17 in.

    What is A3, A4, and A5 paper?

    These are European paper sizes. Make sure your machine and computer are set to use letter, legal, and ledger.

    Where can I purchase banner paper?

    We recommend you purchase banner paper from Oki Data.

    • Here is the link to the Oki Data paper. The SKU number is 52209101, and the box contains 25 sheets.
    • Click the BUY NOW button near the top right of your screen
    • Enter the number of boxes you would like to purchase, click UPDATE, then click NEXT.
    • If this is your first time ordering through Oki Data, you will need to register. Fill out the entire Register section on this page and click NEXT. If already have a user name and password, fill out the Login section on this page and click LOGON.
    • The next screen will ask you to verify your Billing Address and Shipping Address.
    • Once you have verified both addresses, click NEXT.
    • Select the Shipping Method, and click NEXT.
    • Type in your credit card information, and click NEXT to place your order.
    How do I use the card shot copy feature?
    • Place card face down in the upper left corner on the MFP document glass.
    • Select Special Modes key on the console.
    • Select Card Shot key.
    • Select Card Shot Settings, if needed. Card Shot can be set here to “Fit to Page,” which enlarges the images to fit the paper.
    • After choosing the desired settings, select the OK button.
    • Select Start button to scan the front side of the card. At the prompt, turn the card over and repeat the process by pressing the Start button again to scan the reverse side of the card. When finished, press the Read End key on the console to begin copying.
    • Select CA button on the keypad when the job is complete to return to the original settings.
    How do I change a tray’s paper type/size?


    • Press System Settings
    • Press Tray Settings
    • Press Paper Tray Settings
    • Use the arrows on the right to select the tray you would like to change
    • Press the button with the type/size of the current paper
    • Select correct type and size
    • Press OK
    • Press OK
    • Press Exit

    10 and 40 Series

    • Press the Settings button at the bottom of the Home Screen
    • Press System Settings
    • Press Tray Settings
    • Press to select the tray you would like to change
    • Use drop down menu to make selection
    • Press OK
    • Press Submit
    • Press Home button
    How do I install toner?

    Each toner box comes with installation instructions either on the box or on a piece of paper inside the box. When you place the toner in your machine for the first time, and every time after, give the cartridge a slight shake. This will help settle all the material in the cartridge so it is ready to use.

    How do I install staples?

    There are installation instructions on the inside of the finisher door. The door may be on the front of your machine or the side depending on what kind of staples you are installing.

    How do I scan double-sided originals?
    • Press Original (if on a machine that is not a 10 or 40 series model, and you do not see the Original button, press Condition Settings)
    • Select 2 Sided Booklet
    • Press OK


    To scan a duplex to your folder or network: while in Image Send mode, press Original. Press the option for 2 sided Booklet. This will let the copier know that your original is 2 sided so the machine will scan both sides.

    I don’t want to break my machine, how do I know what to touch?

    All machines are conveniently color-coded. You can touch (and sometimes pull, twist, and push) all of the bright green plastic parts inside your machine.

    How do I print from Windows? Does the same process work for my MAC?

    You can utilize many of the same features and functions available on the MFP console from the printer driver on your computer. Examples of these features include 2 sided copying, pamphlet copying, document filing, and the ability to choose between color or black. The following steps explain how to print a typical Microsoft Word document from Windows:

    • Select File in the upper left corner of your document window.
    • Select Print from the drop down menu.
    • Select Properties or Preferences button (usually located in the upper right corner of the printer driver screen).
    • By selecting the various tabs located at the top of the printer driver screen (such as Paper, Special Modes, Job Handling, etc.), you may choose the desired features and settings available.
    • After choosing the desired settings, select the OK button.
    • Select the OK button again or the Print button, and the document will print.

    Depending on the MFP and software used, the procedure to execute printing may vary.

    If you are printing from a MAC, please call our Systems Integration team to configure the proper settings for your equipment.

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