Problem: My originals are jamming in the document feeder. What is happening?

Picture this: The copier. 9:22 AM.

You place a stack of 47 originals in the document feeder of the copier and press “Copy.” You stay to watch the first few sheets run perfectly and then step away. You walk to get your second cup of coffee and return to the copier moments later, expecting to find your job complete. The scene you find is a stalled job. The originals are hung in the document feeder by the lone staple in the stack of originals.

Solution: You can avoid this scene with a little prep work.

When preparing your originals for the document feeder, these are the things to watch out for:

  • All pages should be flat with no folded edges or creases.
  • The paper guides on the document feeder should snuggly fit the paper without lifting or bending the paper.
  • There should be no staples or paper clips among the pages, even if they are not holding pages together. Running metal in the Document Feeder can rip your originals and cause damage to your system.
  • Nothing sticky should remain on the pages. This could be post-it notes or tape.
  • Any corrective material (white-out or corrective tape) should be dry and firmly in place before running the paper through the machine. This not only prevents it from hanging up the document feeder, but also keeps the residue from marking the slit glass. Marks on the slit glass will lead to poor copy quality.

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