Problem: Mysterious issues. Randomly jamming, producing poor copy quality, curling the paper, all or some of these things.

The function and output of an MFP is only as good as the supplies used in it. Making sure your supplies are properly cared for will ensure that your machine will produce consistent and reliable output. Proper paper storage is key and the formula is easy.

Copy paper needs to be FED:

  • Flat: Keeping the paper flat helps prevent the edges from being damaged and the paper from developing a curl: both of which can cause jamming issues.
  • Elevated: This doesn’t mean it has to be up high; only that paper shouldn’t be stored directly on the floor. This prevents damage and absorption of moisture.
  • Dry: Moisture can cause both copy quality and jamming issues. When it is necessary to keep paper in an environment where moisture and temperature are not regulated, consider using a large, plastic storage container to protect the paper from moisture. (If your copier or paper is located directly beneath an air vent, this can introduce excess moisture into the environment as well.)

In short, if you keep your paper FED, you’ll make it (and your copier) a little happier!

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